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Privacy Policy

SHINWA SANGYO Co.,Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) fully recognizes the importance of appropriately managing valuable information, including personal information, that has been provided by our customers through our services, and always seeks to improve the Company’s information management system.
Protection of personal information is a top priority, and so the Company has established the following principles to ensure the protection and safe management of personal information.

Article 1 Collection and use of personal information

The Company only collects personal information limited to the purpose that is agreed in advance with individuals. The purpose of use is clearly stated on the personal information management record. The manager of the department that handles collected personal information is responsible for ensuring that no deviation from the agreed purpose is made, according to the predetermined procedure. Efforts are also made to improve the internal information management system, when needed, and to take measures to prevent personal information from being used for other than the agreed purpose.

Article 2 Protection and management of personal information

Personal information is securely managed by the Company and will never be disclosed to any third party unless the individual concerned has given consent. Efforts are focused on preventing personal information from being disclosed, lost or damaged and on correcting any problems found.

Article 3 Responses to complaints and consultations

The Company responds to complaints and consultations on the handling of personal information as quickly as possible.

Article 4 Compliance with laws and ordinances

The Company complies with laws, guidelines and ordinances concerning personal information that have been issued by the national government.

Enacted on September 1, 2008
President:Toshikazu Nagai

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Handling of Personal Information

Purposes of use of personal information

The Company uses collected personal information within the scope of laws and regulations. Personal information to be used may include:

  • Information on our customers in relation to our services(information on our services, business-related meetings)
  • Information on candidate employees(communication, recruitment management)
  • Information on inquiries and complaints concerning personal information protection, and requests for disclosing personal information(communication, responses to requests)
  • Information on business partners(communication, business-related meetings, information exchange)
  • Information on visitors to the Company(security management)
  • Information on the Company’s employees(management of personnel and employees’ benefits and welfare)

Outsourced management of personal information and provision of personal information to third parties

The Company outsources the management of collected personal information, in whole or in part, only to those who meet proper standards for privacy protection; and provides collected personal information to a third party only after confirming that such third party meets proper standards for privacy protection. In these cases, appropriate measures, such as signing a contract, will be taken to protect privacy.

Voluntary provision of personal information

The provision of personal information is voluntary. However, if insufficient or incorrect information is provided, we may be unable to respond to the inquiry.

Procedures for disclosure and correction

You have the right to request the Company to disclose, correct and delete your personal information. Please contact the division given below.

Use of cookies

In recording personal information provided by site users using cookies, the Company complies with its policy to protect personal information.

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For inquiries, complaints and questions regarding personal information issues

For inquiries regarding personal information issues, please use the inquiry form or contact the following division:

2-15-18 Ainokawa, Ichikawa-Shi, Chiba-ken, Japan, 272-0143

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